Meso injector  


Meso Plus+





Mesotherapy is effencient in many cases,

since it is a non-surgical technique for

* Cellulite Reduction & Elimination
* Body Sculpting
* Facial Mesolift
* Weight Redution
* Relife of pain of all foroms
* Sports pathologies


Techinical Features 5 programed functions

* Nappage: 0.03cc/times,adjustable speed from 120~300shots/min.
* Meso-perfusion: adjustable1 to 6cc per 30 minute.
* Standard injection: 0.03cc wite upholding times of injection position from 1~6sec.
* Micro injection: 0.01cc with uphoding time of injection position from 1~6sec.
* Continue injection: manual injection.

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